April 5, 2018

Community Q&A

Community Q&A:

Hi Community!

We’ve placed this page here because we’ve received a lot of questions about who we are and what our intentions are. We are going to do our best to clearly outline these questions about us here:

Q: What is Project Paragon?

A: Project Paragon was originally a Facebook group creating with the idea of finding members of the Paragon MOBA video game community, whom are talented with software development with implementation in video game production. We wanted to find all of the Talent in the Paragon community and use it to build a new game. Project Paragon grew rapidly and we quickly had a team of artists, developers, designers, and programmers collaborating together to develop something great to bring back to the community. The development Team that was built officially has launched as Unleashed Games LLC and are now taking the work very seriously with business, financial, and marketing strategies.

Q: Are you creating “Paragon” again?

A: No. We are not creating the game “Paragon” developed by Epic Games. Paragon is a game which we do not own the rights to, nor are we associated with Epic Games. We are using developmental software to create a video Game just like what you may have known from Epic Games “Paragon”. We are all people who had a great deal of time and experience in the game “Paragon”, and we believe we are designing our new game with our community’s best interest in mind.

On March 18th, 2018 Epic Games made an Announcement that they were publicly releasing select developmental content from the video game “Paragon” with a free publishing license to the public. That is when our initiative started. We have only been working together as a team for 18 days now, but we have ambitious goals and great structure, and will not be letting this community down.

Q: Does the game which “Unleashed Games LLC”  is developing have a title yet?

A: No, at this point in time we have not decided on the title of our game. We are working with our legal advisers to determine what we can and cannot do still. Keep in mind we are a two week old startup (04/05/2018) and we will be taking steps to make sure we lay our proper foundation. We are continuing to explore the store and lore behind our characters and anticipate this will help us to determine the direction of the games name.


Q: Will Unleashed Games LLC be developing their game for PS4 or XBOX?

A: At this time we are only developing the game to play on pc. We first need to be able to systematically and effectively test the game on the computer to be able to optimize it for successful console porting. We plan with the success of a funding campaign, to port to console.


Q: What kind of item system will you be building into your game?
A: The item system we will be building will be diverse and contain items to increase stats such as Attack Power, Basic/Ability Armor, and of course health regen/mana regen items. We are familiar with the Item System that was used inside of the game “Paragon” and hope to be able to build an item system similar that can appeal to our community.


Q: How big is the Map you are building for your game? Is there only one map?

A: Currently the map we are developing could be compared to the sizes of familiar maps found in the video game Paragon. The map we are developing is currently 20% smaller than the size of “Paragon’s” Legacy map. It is 10% larger than the monolith map. Our level designers are working very hard to make the map very immersive for both the players, and the in game characters. We are testing internally with Variants of different map sizes, and player count styles. We want to bring a lot of great future game modes and options to help me everyone find the game amd mode which works best for them.

Q: Do you have an ETA on when to expect player testing? Are you working on this project full time?

A: Currently we do not have an ETA for when we will be able to have players begin to test the game. We have a lot of work to do and that of which we are doing. We want to make sure that everything is as polished as it can be before we give our first impression to our consumers. Each member of the team has a full time job and each member works hard duIn our off time we are dedicating and committing our time, energy, and resources to developing something great.

Q: Can you display the progress you’ve made?

A: Our number one goal and core belief is to be 100% transparent to the community about our progress and what our intentions are. As we grow as a company, we are learning the best ways to approach each end of this project. We will keep the community updates in our different forums that we will do our best to remain active in.


If you do not see your question answered above, do not panic. There are things you may still do:
Ask the question at any of these places to get answers from a team member.



Or Email us at kansas@unleashedgamesllc.com