Hi Community!

Pre-Post-Paragon Depression?

Not to worry, we too were in the pits of Pre-Post-Paragon Depression until we realized we could do something about it. A group of hardworking desingers and developers are working hard right now to recreate the very game you fell in love. Then we will have the community help decide the direction we want to take the game.

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  • Love the idea! I have to ask since so many of us were/ are, but is this a game that could come to ps4? Is their difficulty in creating it and porting it to ps4 even if it still is cross platform. I’m not sure how all of that works. Thanks in advance!

  • Wanted to point out what many people have thought (but for some reason isn’t highly spoken of),

    and that’s that though the prior ‘legacy’ version of the game was for the most part ‘better’ (if only because the matches were long and let you build up your character), the reality is a lot of the new version is potentially good too.

    Point being if there is a ‘remake’ of the game, by all means try to have ‘options’ to allow for either the quicker new map or the longer-match old map. (Of course, by all means include various other creative types of ‘modded’ maps/game modes)

    Sometimes people want a longer game other times they need something quick, why not build the game to allow for both maps. (Have a simple selectable toggle in match making, either/or.)

    Had the devs done that to begin with Paragon might not have to have shut down like it did.

    Thank you

  • I did not think Epic released the name ‘Paragon’ and the Tri-Lane logo. Are you concerned about a cease and desist lawsuit? But I do love you guys for trying!!!!

    • Hi Ryan, you are correct. Please understand that Project Paragon is/was an effort to build a team of talented developers, programmers, and designers to make a new video game. We are officially operating as Unleashed Games LLC.

  • Hello guys,
    I really love the idea of remaking Paragon!
    I will follow and support you all no matter what. Paragon is the game i love.
    Greetings from Germany.
    I hope we will be able to play on PS4 since my PC can’t handle Paragon graphics lol


    • At this time we are still doing much testing and developing! Stay tuned to our social platforms to keep up to date!

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